Monday, April 12, 2010

Emergency (Don't worry it doesn't involve any of us)

Last week my parents were in town from Nashville to meet their newest grandson, help me around the house and to assist in caring for him. On Wednesday, lil' Bennett had been really fussy, so my mom took him out on our porch to enjoy the cool breeze and sunshine (he really enjoys being outside). Dad was gone to Home Depot, as he was working on some of our house projects. Therefore, I decided I would take the opportunity to take a relaxing shower.

For several days there were a group of men working on the main electrical line that supplies electricity to our neighborhood. Along with these electricians come men who assist in traffic control, which is the subject of this blog.

I had just gotten in the shower when I hear my mom yelling my name from the bottom of the stairs. My heart sank, as I thought oh my goodness what has happened to my baby. Then I hear her say, "Bennett is OK, but come quick." I jump out of the shower and run down the stairs soaking wet and completely naked. While running out of the bathroom, out of the bedroom, and down the stairs my mom is telling me to call 911 as one of the work men across the street had falling into the road, hit his head, and she could not get a pulse. So I run back upstairs to get my phone and try to find my robe (my dad had disassembled our bathroom at this point, as he was working to re-caulk around our windows), as my mom is asking me where the blood pressure cuff and honey are located. Where is Bennett might you ask? He is dead asleep in my mother's arms. I am trying to tell mom where the honey is located, but I have no idea where Sam put the blood pressure cuff that we had used the night before. I called 911 and thankfully the incident had already been reported. By the time, I put on my robe and run back downstairs the paramedics had arrived.

Mom, who is still holding a sleeping Bennett, proceeds to tell me the man was holding a stop/slow sign when he initially stumbled, fell, and got back up. She said, "It seemed strange, but his fellow workers were encouraging him to sit down and he shooed them away. A few seconds after returning to holding the sign he began swaying and fell face first hitting his head on the concrete." Mom, still in her p.j.s with sleeping Bennett in tow, ran across the street saying, " I'm a nurse! I'm a nurse!" The men asked what to do and she said, "Get him out of the road and someone call 911." Mom stated his tongue was hanging out of his mouth and she initially could not get a pulse. She said, 'I am going to run put the baby down, grab some honey (in case he was diabetic), and I'll be back." Like I said above the paramedics had arrived before we made it back outside.

We are unsure what happened to the man, but he was conscious and able to get himself into the ambulance after they arrived.

I am amazed that my son can sleep through all of that yet wakes himself so easily at night and when his belly is empty. When it comes to food you can count on Bennett to get your attention, but on't count on him in an least not yet.

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Mama Smors said...

very scary.... glad bennett was disturbed!! :)