Wednesday, March 24, 2010

At the end.....

Tomorrow, March 25th, I will be 40 weeks. It is amazing to look back at the first picture we took at week 7 in comparison to the picture taken at week 39. The number of changes a woman's body endures is truly amazing. I have always believed in God, as Creator, but if I ever had a doubt it would have been erased as a result of my pregnancy experience.




I am only 1 cm dilated and have been there for over a week. My doctor wants to induce labor next Tuesday if I have not gone into labor naturally, but I am not sure I will go through with that recommendation. We are continuing to pray that God would bring our little guy to us over the next few days.

I must admit, I don't look forward to the lack of sleep, but in addition to meeting him I do look forward to sleeping on my stomach again, laying on my back, wearing my wedding rings, wearing sandals without extreme swelling, and laying next to my husband without my large stomach in the way.


Us said...

You look great! Hope he comes on my birthday...and your due date!!!

And just want to prepare you ahead of may not be able to sleep on your belly with nursing boobies. But you can try!!!

Can't wait to see pics of your sweet boy when he gets here!

Sandy said...

You look wonderful and healthy!

We're thinking of you and that baby movement every few hours now ....gettin' excited :-)

Remember, it's YOUR and Sam's choice whether to be induced, not your doctor's.

I'm convinced many doctors' recommendations in that regard are not purely for the mother and child's health and safety...convenience, scheduling and length of time in the hospital and potential lawsuits are a much larger factor than most would probably admit to others.

If I remember correctly, I was close to two weeks later than my due date in delivering Kyle...of course, not so many ultra-sounds and checking of cervical dilation then...but even so, when he did come, he stuck to the daytime schedule for labor and delivery :-)!

Sam was a middle of the night baby, but I actually caught up on my sleep much quicker after his birth.
Not telling you what to do....just reminding you that it's YOUR choice :-)