Saturday, November 7, 2009

Our little one yawning.......

Well it's been a while since I have blogged. Over the last month I have started two blogs, but they continue to anxiously await completion. Well, maybe not anxiously.

I am making my grand return with a short, sweet video of our little dude yawning.

If you didn't know we found out Monday we are having a little boy.

We are now in the process of choosing a name, deciding on decor, searching for furniture, choosing shower dates, wonder how I will travel, and registering.

I will be 21 weeks on Monday and have already gained 22 pounds. Yep, that's right 22 pounds. I never thought I would gain so much so fast, but here's to homemade chocolate chip cookies, strawberry milk, pasta, and anything else that is considered a carbohydrate.

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doodle said...

Amber that is the sweetest thing. I know that you will be a great mother because I have watched with my Grandbabies. I love you as you are like a daughter to me. I can't wait to meet that sweet baby. What is your due date? Love you sweetie