Friday, August 21, 2009

Family, Scenery, and Tomatoes

Last week my sweet husband encouraged me to make the trip to Nashville to visit my family since I had been so home sick and my work schedule has been all messed up. I decided against it, at first, due to fear of driving 11 hours alone without a nap (seriously....preganancy makes me need a nap). However, by weeks end I had decided I would make the drive not only to see my family, but to eat a "real garden" tomato that I have been craving for weeks and to enjoy the beautiful green hills. I can't blame the tomato craving on pregnancy. I typically crave a "real garden" tomato year around, but am able to satisfy the craving every summer on a daily basis. Oh how things change!!

I made the 11 hour journey on Tuesday arriving in Tennessee around 5 p.m. I usually 100% despise driving through Georgia, which was no different during this trip, but once I reach the Tennessee border it all changes. The scenery is breathtaking and I often wonder if Chattanooga should be our next home (actually I know nothing about the city except it has beautiful scenery). It just relaxes me!! I feel closer to home. I love all of the green trees that seem to be painted all around me. The mountains are a place of peace, a place where I feel closer to God, a place I treasure.

I had 2 hours of driving left after arriving in Tennessee that passed rather slowly. Around 6:30 p.m. central time I arrived at my parents house, whom had no idea I was coming. They were very suprised and excited to see me. I hugged dad, I hugged mom, and then I ate a GARDEN TOMATO. Then I ate another one. Then another one. YUMMY!!!!!!!!! We sat around the table and chatted while I ate several of my dad's home grown tomatoes, soup, and a PB & J (one of my pregnancy staples).

The first few hours I spent in Nashville was worth the 11 hour drive. The mountains, the beautiful green open spaces, the hugs, the conversation, and the TOMATOES!!!! I knew it would only get better.....

-I'll write about the rest of my trip when I return home.


Anne said...

Congrats!!!! I can't believe we missed the announcement! Enjoy this wonderful time!

Stephanie said...

I just clicked on your blog and was like, "Whaaat!? Hold the phone!" I somehow missed the announcement, too. Congratulations, friend!