Thursday, August 13, 2009


This past weekend we celebrated my 30th birthday that was actually on Monday August 10th.

Sam invited a few girlfriends over for breakfast on Saturday morning. He had planned to cook for us, which he did, but their husbands wanted to assist him. So our friends Kindra & Vipul Shah and Angela & Justin Neiderer joined us for waffles, fruit, bacon, and eggs. It was a great time to have some girl talk, as I have really missed sitting down with my girlfriends in Lexington and talking about anything and everything.

We then went to Angela & Justin's where we hung out by the pool for a few hours and had more girl talk, while the guys tossed some disc back and forth in the water for a few hours.

Later that evening Sam and I ate dinner and he took me to see the musical "Respect" at the Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center. It is musical about the transformation of women throughout the ages. Initially I thought it would be to feminist, but turns out it was pretty good and very funny/entertaining.

Sam's family usually eats lunch every Sunday at Sonny's, but since it was my birthday I got to choose where we ate. I choose Crabby Bill's, so that I could get some Crab legs. It was a nice change and the Crab legs and hush puppies were great. My mother-in-law had made an ice cream cake (Graham cracker crust, peanut butter ice cream, more Graham cracker crust, cookies and cream ice cream, Graham cracker sprinkles with chocolate chips on top=YUMMY), so we sang happy birthday and ate some cake, which was fabulous.

Monday morning, Sam had written a couple of Dr. Seuss like poems leading me to my gift that was hidden somewhere in the house. After a box of Hot Tamales, a bag of Pull and Peel twizzlers, searching through many shoe boxes, I found a new pair of Oakley sunglasses. I had asked for some earlier, so I was very excited to finally get a new pair.

I don't feel any different being 30! This year has brought so many changes that turning 30 is just a "drop in the bucket." I will say my birthday celebration was fun and thoughtful, but it was hard. Not because I turned 30, but it was hard to be so far from my family. You would think these feelings of homesickness would be fading, but during this birthday "they" showed up in full force. I received some cards and some calls on Monday, but when I read my mom's card, talked to my cousin Allison, received my parents gift, and received my sister's gift I sobbed. It's so strange, because I don't usually see them on my birthday anyways. I lived 3 1/2 hours from my sister and parents and only 5 minutes from my cousin. However, there is something about knowing you can get there for the weekend that changes everything. Deep down I just miss them.

I know my 30th year will bring many more changes, but I hope this time next year we have had lots of visitors, this place feels more like home, and God continues to develop long, lasting friendships with our new friends in Tampa.

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