Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Excitement Continues to Build

Being a true Kentucky girl I must admit my excitement about the upcoming basketball season continues to build and it is still 3 months away. I have loved Kentucky basketball as long as I can remember and will continue loving it despite having a Florida address. I felt the excitement build after walking into Sunday school this past week. What? Sunday school? What does that have to do with Kentucky basketball? Well, much to my surprise there was a new couple in class from Kentucky. They were born and raised in the sweet "Bluegrass" state and had moved to Tampa in April. Not only were they born and raised in Kentucky, but both of them were University of Kentucky graduates. My thoughts, "This is sweet!! TRUE BLUE FANS in my Sunday school class!!!!" Much of our initial conversation was about Kentucky and honestly it was quiet delightful!

For now, I thought I would leave you with this corny, yet entertaining video about "the CATS!"


An excited, eager TRUE BLUE FAN living miles away from her sweet BLUEGRASS state

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Sandy said...

Enjoyed the video clip....he-he...at times I forget just how "true blue" you are! I think you should plan on hosting some UK parties at your house. :-)