Thursday, May 14, 2009

"Now for the rest of the story...."

Since I said I would post pictures of the finished anniversary picture box, I figured that all of you (all referring to the 5 or so people who read my blog) had been anxiously awaiting this post. I know, don't tell me if you weren't it spoils my motivation to keep writing.

Sam and I began painting our picture box on our anniversary, but as expected it took a while for the paint to dry. Plus, we were unsure of how we wanted to decorate it. After a few coats and a few days, we were ready.........or so we thought. It was Tuesday, May 5th, a.k.a. Cinco de Mayo, a.k.a Mexico's celebration of their defeat of the French army, a.k.a. nothing to do with U.S.A. However, the last few years I have joined my friends in celebrating Cinco de Mayo. I wish I could say my intent was to celebrate Mexico's heritage and pride, but it is really just another reason to eat great Mexican food and to drink a Margarita. I guess I do celebrate their "food heritage" as I usually eat Mexican food once a week +/-, unless we are counting chips and salsa, which is a daily occurrence. Seriously!!! All of that to say, Sam and I ate Mexican food at Carmelita's to celebrate Cinco de Mayo and the celebration some how followed us home as we began to decorate our, already colorful, picture box. We must have loved the decor at Carmelita's so much that we thought we would try to emulate it at home. Since we are living with Sam's parents we couldn't decorate the walls, thank God, but we could transfer "the look" to our picture box. After a few hours, minutes, whatever, we came to our senses and realized unless we wanted our picture box to end up in a big brown box with other items we no longer use we should begin re-painting.

To say the least, we had to apply several coats of red to cover up the palette of color you see above, but after it was all said and done we had the perfect picture box. OK, so maybe perfect is a bit of a stretch, but it will be displayed proudly and we have a perfectly fun story to go along with it.


agcoats said...

Very cute! What a creative idea!

JCo said...

I was anxiously awaiting the final product and I'd have to say, it seems very Samber!