Saturday, May 15, 2010

Natalie's Spring Photo Challenge

Many of you have seen these pictures, but Natalie of Natalie's Sentiments has posted a spring time photo challenge.  If I am one of three winners I will be entered into an online photo class free of charge.  Natalie here are my three Spring time photos.

My husband Sam throwing frisbee with Patch. Unfortunately this is not our dog.  
Patch belongs to our friends Justin and Angela.

I really despise any type of bug, but when I saw this at the park I couldn't pass up the photo op.

I often miss the beauty of Kentucky, but Florida definitely has it's advantages.  

Find the class here


Natalie Jane said...

Makes me want to visit! That tree is incredible.

Kytsmom said...

Amazing tree. Saw you link from Natlies photo challenge.

Sandy said...

I LOVE the palm shot, Amber. It would look great enlarged and hung in your stairwell or guest bedroom.

Now the grasshopper...I really like that you captured him so clearly against the fuzzy-focus background , but remember if you should see this grasshopper in my yard you must STOMP HIM!
Or take your picture and THEN call me to stomp him. He voraciously devours our soft-leaved tropicals and we must be RUTHLESS.

I like the anticpation of action in the frisbee shot. but I didn't see the frisbee right away....wish you could have had an angle to catch the frisbee against the green. But at least you caught the frisbee! Something I rarely manage to time proerly.

Hope you get one of the class seats.

Mama J said...

Thanks for viewing my photos! I also really like your palm tree. Excellent!

As far as capturing back light, it has to do with time of day as well as placing your subject in front of the light. I read a lot about photography and the best times of day to shoot are early morning and evening like around 4pm or later. And then make sure your subject is in front of the light and then you can change your angle to try different lighting. Play around with it. It's fun!

Good luck!

Rach said...

I love the light, color, everything about it. great photo.